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British cat with sky blue fur (BRI a)

Date of birth - 12.04.2000 ã.

Most popular family tree members:


Sharon’s’ photo shoot

The progenitor of our nursery is the British sky blue cat, Diana Blue Lady (pet name Sharon) that we bought in 2000 in a club, named “British”. She instantly charmed us with her thoroughbred “British” smile and big round amber eyes, the colour of which did harmonize remarkably on the background of soft sky blue short and stuffed fur-coat. Everybody called our Sharon “the blue mink”.

Sharons’ character is truly British, she is a puritan in all her ways: she is self complete, not disturbing or irritating at all, she knows her food well, she is uniquely thoroughbred, she is honest, brave and proud. She has had all of these qualities since her early childhood and she still has got them. Like the majority of the British cats, Sharon only loves her owners and does not trust anybody else. She can, by the work of a magic feeling, identify a bad person that has appeared in “her family”, showing him or her complete indifference and threatening hissing.

As it is widely known, Brits can easily live and get on with dogs, which is because they have got a lot of braveness in their blood and Sharon is not an exception. When she was just a kitten she managed to put her life companion, our big black dog queen Ervina, to its true place. Afterwards, their relationship grew to become of a family status until such extent that Sharon, with her inborn carefulness, let the dog queen take her kittens and calmly watched her taking care of them. In case of a sudden danger, the cat hid between large Eris’ paws with pleasure, proving how courageous she is near her dog. Now we have got a new young dog queen Greta (old Ervina has left this perishable world), but Sharon is not feeling any discomfort or fear with her new friend, although not yet does she trust her, as she trusted Ervina.

Sharon began her exhibition career quite early, when she was just five months old, in 2000, when, she was especially picked out among juniors by the judge Maksimova. She lifted her high up over the tribune and resented to everybody as a very perspective cat for relationships with uniquely right and real British fur.

At the first international exhibition in 2001 Sharon won three first places and a title of the Champion of the Breed by the WCF system in a class of mature animals. When we set off to open the title of the Champion of the World again in 2001, we have managed to get to “A” marks with ease, one of which was awarded by a foreign judge Schep from Holland. Schep nominated Sharon for “Best in Show” award mentioning an amazingly right texture of her fur always saying: “Wonderful”, stroking her fur when comparing her with other British cats. At this point we have decided to end up our exhibition career with Sharon and to get on with offspring generation.

In 2006 we have decided to value the quality of the kittens that Sharon makes at an exhibition by the WFF system in the liter-class. Offspring, including six kittens made the strictest judge smile tenderly and award a mark of Ex in the award sheet, writing: “Superb!! We wish you luck in bringing up the real Brits”. But, by a sudden family circumstance, we have had to leave the exhibition early, when we then found out that one of our girls with amazingly light blue shorthair fur was being seeked for a long time to be presented as “Best in Show” as the best kitten among the ones, presented on a show. Such a mark given to the kittens has finally persuaded me to open my own nursery in order to take on the job of breeding, what we have finally done in the end of 2006.

Now Sharon is 6 years old and we do not have to go to any exhibitions any more. A highly experienced cat is leading a calm way of life and now brings us wonderful offspring of little Brits not more than once twice a year, choosing highly titled husbands worthy of her breed.

Family tree

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Sharon’s’ photo shoot

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