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We are glad to see that You are interested in our main producer!

ËThe representative of our nursery, chocolate British cat Wallace North Island (Deer), worthy of his ancestors, will be glad to invite Your magnificent kitties to his territory. The cat is quite valiant in taking care for ladies, he is absolutely non-aggressive and he gets to his ways by the way of long persistent persuasions of the lady beyond the reach!

The cat has been properly vaccinated and is being vaccinated every year from all the diseases, including the venereal or sexually transmitted disease. Deer is a home pet and he does not go out to the streets socialising with wrong animals. He gets dehelmintization and treatment from skin parasites every quarter of the year. We present proper veterinary documents before the tying and allow to have at the cat in order to make sure for his abilities and health before tying.

We would need the same documents from Your cat accordingly, proving the fact of vaccination from the main contagious cat diseases (Madness, pancleopenitis, rinotraheitis, calcioviroses, microspisis and trihophitius). And from cat Clamidiosis if the cat has already given birth. Such vaccinations are needed not only for the health of Your cat, but also for healthy offspring!

You need to have the following on you for tying:

  1. Small package with the filling that your cat recognises.
  2. Cat food that the cat prefers for three to four days that it is going to spend in the nursery for tying.
  3. If the cat is going to another territory for the first time, then a small cover or the sleeping pod can be brought to the nursery with the home smell, just in order to make her feel like at home.
  4. Metrics or cat’s certificate of birth or a copy of the cat’s ancestry or the family tree for preparing the documents for the act of tying.

We live in the country in the nearest Moscow Oblast, in our own cottage house with our animals, thus we have an opportunity to provide a large, warm room or verandah, full of sun light.

Verandah is the cat’s own territory, where he is the righteous owner during tying and at usual days. Before Your cat’s arrival, it will be disinfected.

It is better to bring the cat not later that three days into the heat, that is because it usually “hunts” for six to four days. Taking into account the character and temper of the cats, different cats need different amount of days for a complete and full tying. Commonly, in the first day, lady is getting used to the habitat and does not let the cat near herself. Normally then, she would begin the tying on the second day. That is why it is better to leave them be for three to four days.

We are not up for forced tying, we do not enclose the cats in a small space, what can lead to aggression with further physical and mental injuries to both cats! Not to let the cats develop a reflex disagreement to tying, everything must be “amicable” and as long as it takes! The time taken for tying depends solely on the animals and one can judge about the end of tying only if it can be seen that he has lost his interest in her. If the lady is inexperienced, a qualified phelinologist will help the cat “persuade” her and will help prepare the cat for tying without applying any physical force.

After the tying, our nursery will give out the Act of tying, which will talk about the conditions under which the tying took place. It will also mention the documents, presented by both sides for the act of tying.

If the cat does not get pregnant after the first tying, You will get the second tying for free. If the cat does not get pregnant again after the second tying, the third tying can be only done after presenting vet documents that there are no disorders in reproductive function of Your cat (hormone check, ultrasound or ultrasonic scanning of the ovaries and the uterus).

For anyone who is willing to carry out the tying with Deer for the first time, You can contact us by telephone and email that can find in the Contacts section.
Further on You will find a detailed route to our nursery, where the Deer is living at the moment.

Mitishinskij District, Ostashkovo Village, SPO “Klyazma”, Klyazmiskaja Street, House number 293.

How to get to our nursery on the public transport:
1. From Medvedkovo Metro/Subway/Underground/Tube station take the bus or a route taxi number 438 to the “Village Ostashkovo” bus stop.
2. From Yaroslavsky railway station take the train to “Mytishi” station. Then, take the route taxi number 22 or 26 to the “Village Ostashkovo” bus stop.

The time taken by the route taxi or the bus from Medvedkovo Metro/Subway/Underground/Tube station or from Mytishi railway station to the “Village Ostashkovo” bus stop is about 25 to 30 minutes.

Take it to the right from the “Village Ostashkovo” bus stop to the side of the “SPO Klyazma, S T Veteran” direction sign. It will be a five minute walk on an asphalted route until you will see the house number 293.

If You wanted to come to us by car (see the route map):
Always keep to the main route from Moscow by the Ostashkovskoe Highway, it will be 21 kilometres from MKAD (Northern direction/route, it takes 20 to 25 minutes) by the direction to the Jostovo settlement (not coming into it, the forest should be on the left and houses to the right), then it will take two or three minutes until You reach the “Village Ostashkovo” direction sign, take it to the right before this sign into the direction of the “SPO Klyazma, S T Veteran” direction sign, it will be the first street to the left after the turnpike, sixth house on the right side.

By the route from MKAD to us, you will pass the main settlements, such as:
Borodino village, Belyaninovo village, Boltino village, Pirogovo village, Manjuhino village, Jostovo settlement.

It is important to mention that:

  1. On the first T-shape crossroads after the Beljaninovo village take it to the right, by the direction of the main route (the route gets from 2 sided to one sided one)
  2. In the Pirogovo village take it straight on the T-shape crossroads,
  3. After the Pirogovo village, on leaving a small forest, take it to the left on the crossroads (“Lukoil” oil station and “Zeljonaja Rosha” restaurant should be on you left).
  4. Further on, take it to the forest road and always keep going straight until the “Jostovo village” sign.


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